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The Morning After: Bosch’s electric stroller technology helps push

The Morning After: Bosch’s electric stroller technology helps push

It will affect cameras, flash storage and other common tech items.
Tariffs hit Apple and other tech companies

Some of the tech you like is about to get more expensive. Sticking to its earlier plans, the Trump administration has formally enacted a new round of tariffs against China-made products, which will take effect September 1st. The measures will hit tech companies with 15 percent tariffs on a range of goods, with Apple potentially feeling the pinch harder than most. The hikes will affect AirPods, the Apple Watch, some Beats earphones, the HomePod and iMacs — notably, not iPhones.

Beside ‘core’ consumer tech companies, the tariffs will also affect components including cameras, flash storage, optical discs (like Blu-ray and DVD) and lithium-ion batteries. A further wave of tariffs affecting prices for phones, laptops, consoles and other tech is due on December 15th, unless something suddenly changes.

The Dark Pictures Anthology is off to a rocky start.
Co-op doesn’t change Man of Medan’s horror imperfections

The spiritual sequel to 2015’s Until Dawn, a playable slasher horror flick, has landed across PS4, Xbox and PC. Man of Medan is the first instalment of a proposed series called The Dark Pictures Anthology, which is being released on multiple platforms and published by Bandai Namco, rather than long-time partner Sony. But it’s a shaky start…

You know, the smaller one.
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 review: The right size at the wrong price

The Galaxy Note 10 squeezes a 6.3-inch screen into a phone that’s about the same size as an iPhone XS. And it’s much easier to use with one hand than any other entry in the Note line.

The Note 10 is largely the same as the 10+. That means the same powerful performance and basically the same cameras. But, it does make tradeoffs to shave off those millimeters: Most notably it has a lower-res screen, less RAM and Samsung ditched the microSD slot. Sadly, the price didn’t get the same treatment and remains as huge as ever.

It’s connected to your phone, too.
Bosch’s electric stroller tech helps carry your baby uphill

Bosch has unveiled an “e-stroller” system that uses dual electric motors and sensors to not only reduce the effort involved in carting your young one around but prevent the stroller from going in unexpected directions. It’ll automatically study the road surface to help you push uphill, brake on the descent and keep it on track during lateral slopes. The technology will also bring the stroller to a halt if you lose control or battle fierce winds. Bosch won’t sell a model itself, though. Instead, it’ll work with partners who’ll use the platform for their own baby carriers. Swedish firm Emmaljunga will be first, with a stroller due in early 2020, but you can expect more companies to follow suit.


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The Morning After: That’s what quantum entanglement looks like

The Morning After: That’s what quantum entanglement looks like

Yeah, we don’t understand it either.Scientists unveil image of quantum entanglement for the first time ever

In a paper published in the journal of Scientific Advances, scientists from the University of Glasglow shared the first known image of a Bell entanglement. The photo depicts two photons interacting and sharing physical states for a brief instant — an event that occurs regardless of the actual distance between the particles.

And you can win an Xbox One.Microsoft’s Windows 1.0 announcement was about ‘Stranger Things’

To celebrate the return of the show — set in 1985, Microsoft’s banner year — the company is launching the Windows 1.11 app. It features classic Paint and Terminal programs, as well as Stranger Things­-themed puzzles and exclusive content. No floppy disk required.

Competition with AMD’s new Radeon hardware is good for gamers.NVIDIA RTX 2060 Super and 2070 Super review

NVIDIA’s RTX 2060 Super is pretty much the ideal mid-range GPU, while its 2070 Super offers a similar amount of performance as last year’s RTX 2080 for hundreds less. Of course, these cards aren’t really for people who made upgrades last year — they’re more like a reward for those who waited.

Here’s your next retro game system.TurboGrafx-16 mini arrives next March with nearly 50 games

Konami has revealed that the TurboGrafx-16 mini will be available exclusively through Amazon on March 19th, 2020, with pre-orders starting July 15th. The US lineup includes already-teased games like R-Type and Ys Book I & II, not to mention other top titles like Bonk’s Revenge and Space Harrier.

If it only does one thing, then why is it still called a Switch? Nintendo’s Switch Lite is a $200 handheld-only console

The Switch Lite is a slightly different console that’s intended purely for handheld play, and it will arrive September 20th in three colors, priced at $200. The lower price comes with a smaller screen 720p screen, non-removable Joy-Con controls, no TV-out support and no HD Rumble.

While it justifies its name by weighing less than the original, it also should have better battery life by about a half-hour, and it has swapped the four-button D-pad for an old-school Nintendo cross.

The Starhopper will go up about 20m and sideways.SpaceX’s Starship test vehicle will attempt a ‘hover test’ next week

The Starhopper has already undergone two previous hop tests and shown that it can lift a few inches off a launchpad. Now the Raptor engine has been mounted to the Starhopper again so the next stage of testing can begin, with a hover test scheduled for Tuesday, July 16th.


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